Walnut Shell
Lost Circulation Material
Product Description
Walnut shell is ground walnut shell, a lost circulation material that can be used in both oil-base and water-base systems. It is available in three sizes, fine, medium and coarse. Walnut shell can be mixed in combination with other LCM.
As a lost circulation material walnut shells are especially adapted for plugging induced fractures. Walnut shells are also used to reduce torgue and drag of drill pipe and drill collars, especially in high angle holes. Walnut shells are used as a sweep to scour the well bore and tools when sticking clay is a problem.
Seal fractures and permeable zones to prevent loss of fluid
High compressive strength/non-absorbing
Technical Data  
Appearance Brown granular
Moisture 15.0% Max
Transportation of commodity name is not restricted by international regulatory agencies.
Safe Handling Recommendations
Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of standard PPE is recommended for employee comfort and safety. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to use.
Package and Storage
25kg bags or according to customer's requirement.
Avoid high-intensity extreme pressure and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.