Product (Drilling Fluid Additive) is a material that is added to a drilling fluid to perform one or more specific functions, such as a drilling polymer, fluid control agent, weighting agent, viscosifier or lubricant.
Our range of products includes:
Category Description
Water Based Mud Water Based Mud is a drilling work fluid which water or saltwater is the major liquid phase as well as the wetting (external) phase.
Oil Based Mud Oil Based Mud is a drilling work fluid which is an invert-emulsion mud or an emulsion whose continuous phase is oil. In the past, the term referred to an oil mud containing less than about 5vol% water.
Commercial Chemicals Commercial Chemicals are the common drilling fluid additive.
Workover & Completion Fluids Workover Fluid is used to repair or stimulation of an existing production well for the purpose of restoring, prolonging or enhancing the production of hydrocarbons.

Completion Fluid is a solids-free fluid which is used to "complete" an oil or gas well. It is meant to control a well should downhole hardware fail, without damaging the producing formation or completion components.

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