Pipe Freeing Agent
Pipe Freeing Agent
Product Description
It is refined from oxidized asphalt, emulsifier, tackifier, penetrating agent after special technology. It uses as pipe freeing agent in in thermal well drilling application.
It with diesel, water, barite, etc. is mainly used for preparing pipe-freeing agent of different densities. It has a good effect to prevent sticking of drilling tool. Because the product contains high-efficiency penetrant, it has a good property of permeability for pipe-freeing. It can improve the ratio of pipe-freeing. The dosage depends on different situations.
  • Has a certain effect to prevent collapse of borehole wall
  • Effective to prevent adhesion and sticking of drilling tool
  • Can decrease surface tension by a large margin with a good permeability
  • Stable properties
  • Good compatibility with other additives
Technical Data  
Thermal Stability No hard precipitation
Transportation of commodity name is not restricted by international regulatory agencies.
Safe Handling Recommendations
Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of standard PPE is recommended for employee comfort and safety. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to use.
Package and Storage
25kg bag according to customer's requirement. SR3 shall be stored in a shady, dry, ventilated place.
Avoid contacting with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.