Oil Based Mud Additives (OBM)
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Our products have been certified by BV and Intertek, according to API and ASTM standard. Please click here to see the reports.

Oil Based Mud is a drilling work fluid which is an invert-emulsion mud or an emulsion whose continuous phase is oil. In the past, the term referred to an oil mud containing less than about 5 vol. % water.

Our range of Oil Based Mud includes:
Category Description
Primary Emulsifier It uses as primary emulsifier in oil based drilling fluid
Secondary Emulsifier A kind of modified surfactant of grafted alkyl alcohols, used as second emulsifier in oil based drilling fluid
Organophilic Clay An organically modified bentonite used as a gelling agent and viscosifier for primarily diesel based drilling fluid
Fluid Loss Additives A free-flowing powder which is the filtration control agent for oil based drilling fluids and mix-oil drilling fluid
Viscosifier A free-flowing powder which is effective viscosiifier to increase viscosity in oil based drilling fluids due to a certain amount of colloidal structure
Wetting Agent A powerful oil-wetting agent, formulated to incorporate wet or dry solids into the oil phase of oil based drilling fluid
Rheology Modifier A liquid oil base drilling fluid additive that is used to raise low shear rheology without increasing the plastic viscosity of oil based drilling fluid

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