Drilling Lubricants
Our Lubricants are an additive that reduces torque and extends drilling bit and drilling tool's life.
Our range of Lost Lubricants includes:
Product Name Description
Refined Vegetable Oil Ester Based Lubricant A highly effective and environmentally acceptable ester based lubricant used in most water-base drilling fluids
Extreme Pressure Liquid Lubricant A extreme pressure and environmentally acceptable liquid lubricant used in most water-base drilling fluids
Graphite A greasy feel and very low coefficient of friction for drilling fluids
High Temperature High Pressure Lubricant A highly effective high temperature lubricant for water based drilling
We stands guarantee of performance of all products manufactured at our manufacturing facilities.

For more information about our range of Defoamers and product data sheets (PDS), MSDS and case history, please email us at sales@coredrillingchem.com